$21 Hot Wheels Star Wars Rogue One Character Car, Princess Leia (Epi Toys Games Vehicles (Epi,Wheels,/Drokpa1606167.html,$21,One,Princess,Rogue,Character,Wars,Toys Games , Vehicles,Car,,Hot,Star,mainstreetpatriot.com,Leia Hot Popular products Wheels Star Wars Rogue One Epi Character Car Leia Princess Hot Popular products Wheels Star Wars Rogue One Epi Character Car Leia Princess (Epi,Wheels,/Drokpa1606167.html,$21,One,Princess,Rogue,Character,Wars,Toys Games , Vehicles,Car,,Hot,Star,mainstreetpatriot.com,Leia $21 Hot Wheels Star Wars Rogue One Character Car, Princess Leia (Epi Toys Games Vehicles

Hot Atlanta Mall Popular products Wheels Star Wars Rogue One Epi Character Car Leia Princess

Hot Wheels Star Wars Rogue One Character Car, Princess Leia (Epi


Hot Wheels Star Wars Rogue One Character Car, Princess Leia (Epi

Product description

Two of the most iconic brands in adventure — Hot Wheels and Star Wars— have formed an alliance! Kids and collectors alike will love seeing their favorite Star Wars characters reimagined as Hot Wheels cars. Each 1:64-scale car is individually designed to reflect the Force within an iconic Star Wars character, combined with the thrill and real racing excitement of Hot Wheels. Re-create your favorite storylines, send the cars flying at light speed on a Hot Wheels Star Wars track set (sold separately), or display them with your other favorite Star Wars collectibles. There's an entire galaxy to choose from — collect them all! Each sold separately, subject to availability. Not for use with some Hot Wheels sets. Colors and decorations may vary.

Hot Wheels Star Wars Rogue One Character Car, Princess Leia (Epi

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