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LZJN Mens Summer Waistcoat Large special price Chinese Popular brand Style S Vintage Fu Kung Shirt

LZJN Mens Summer Waistcoat Chinese Style Vintage Kung Fu Shirt S


LZJN Mens Summer Waistcoat Chinese Style Vintage Kung Fu Shirt S

Product description


Material: Made of high quality ramie fabric,very natural and breathable to wear.

Model information--- Height:185cm, Weight:75kg,trying on XL Size.

Size difference: This size information is just for reference only, and allow 1-3cm (0.4-1.2") differences due to manual measurement.

Color difference: Color may be little different due to monitor and light environment. Thanks for your understanding!

REVIEW amp; FEEDBACK: Your satisfaction, review amp; feedback is really important to us! If you are happy with our product please spare one minute to leave us Review amp; Feedback.

We would appreciate it if you can also share your beautiful and confident photos with us. If you have any problem with your purchase please kindly email us before left a neutral

or negative feedback. We would try our best to help fix it. Buy with your confidence! Thanks for shopping with us!

LZJN Mens Summer Waistcoat Chinese Style Vintage Kung Fu Shirt S

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