$49 Crystal Tree, Quartz Cluster Tree Chakra Rose Gemstone Crystals Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,$49,Cluster,Tree,Crystals,Gemstone,Tree,,Crystal,/bullyism1606122.html,Quartz,Chakra,Rose,mainstreetpatriot.com Crystal Tree Quartz Cluster Crystals Rose Gemstone Los Angeles Mall Chakra Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,$49,Cluster,Tree,Crystals,Gemstone,Tree,,Crystal,/bullyism1606122.html,Quartz,Chakra,Rose,mainstreetpatriot.com Crystal Tree Quartz Cluster Crystals Rose Gemstone Los Angeles Mall Chakra $49 Crystal Tree, Quartz Cluster Tree Chakra Rose Gemstone Crystals Home Kitchen Home Décor Products

Crystal Tree Quartz Cluster Crystals Rose Spring new work Gemstone Los Angeles Mall Chakra

Crystal Tree, Quartz Cluster Tree Chakra Rose Gemstone Crystals


Crystal Tree, Quartz Cluster Tree Chakra Rose Gemstone Crystals

Product description

Color:Rose Quartz


Due to the natural creation of crystal base, please expect some slight variation in size, color,Shape, texture, etc.


1,The crystal bonsai money tree known as "Feng Shui Tree", also called "Wishing Tree", people usually used it to wish for increased luck, wealth.

2, The Feng shui bonsai crystal tree to attract wealth and prosperity to your home or office, Ideal for home decor or chakra crystal healing.

3, Natural quartz crystals helps increase energy, vitality and boosts mood. When holding or being near this tree you feel simple joy.

4,It is great for your personal altar, crystal healing, heart opening meditation,communication, self-reflection or for holding during meditation.Helps Elevate your Spirit to a higher level.


Total Height: 8-8.5 inches;

Total Wide:3-3.4 inches;

Size for crystal tree is approximately 6"-7" in height,

Size for crystal tree is approximately 4"-4.5" in wide(when open up the leaves);

Size for the crystal cluster base of tree is approximately 1.2"-2.4";

Weight for cyrstal tree is range from 500-700 grams.

Crystal Tree, Quartz Cluster Tree Chakra Rose Gemstone Crystals

Scientific literature – Longevity

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